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Title: ForeUI Prototyping Tool

1M5uC.ForeUI Prototyping Tool.vers.5.pkg

Unusual in intent: produces GUIs (pure mock-up, functional, or mixed) that look like a note scrawled on a napkin, to try to force management to intuit that a GUI mock-up does not mean that the product is finished! FlairBuilder is launched in May this year. It provides a free online viewer so that you can show your prototype to others. $25/month: Team LayoutIt! After 3 days of research looking for a application (I could install locally) for creating modern mockups and wireframes for my web clients I have yet to find any for Ubuntu. * 12.3 MB

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If you have the license key file (pure text file that contains the license key), you can also select the “Activate with License Key File” option:
Mockup Creator is the ... and wireframing easily. MockupCreator is a tool to create mockups, prototypes and wireframes. MockupCreator will help you ... you have several mockups on the screen ... start creating your mockups immediately and focus on your mockup. � Works with ...
1> If you are a sophisticated user of Mac OS X and know well of its operating theory, then you can consider manual removal.
ForeUI is a user-interface prototyping tool that allow you to create mockup/wireframe/prototype for the application or website in your mind. A prototyping tool is one that creates the prototype or mockup of the actual application you are making.
A Full List of UX Prototyping Tools - Mockplus

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