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This error is similar to the first, and also tells that you are dealing with a corrupt or unfinished iTunes backup. The cause is similar. See our tips on recovering data from corrupted backups below. Part 1: Why do I encounter the "iTunes Backup was Corrupt or Not Compatible” message? If you’re following the previous method to fix iTunes Corrupt Backup issues, then you’ll need to know where to find the iTunes backup location on your computer. Different operating systems keep that stored in slightly different locations. So here’s a complete list of where to go for each OS, so that you aren’t left floundering in the dark. Then follow the steps below if iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible. I'm the lead developer on a program called Decipher Backup Repair, which is why I know and care so much about iTunes backup and restore errors ;) Decipher Backup Repair will scan your corrupt or damaged iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch backup for errors and fix the problems in the backup so you can restore in iTunes. You can download the free trial from our website to see what it can find in your backup. Part 5: How to find iTunes backup on your computer

New! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=60633&kw=2hNH_ver._12.0.3_Decipher_Backup_Repair.pkg [60285 kb]

Updated version https://macpkg.icu/?id=60633&kw=W9b0-Decipher-Backup-Repair-v-12.4.6.tar.gz [42680 kb]

If not, let us know what’s going on in the comments and we’ll be sure to try and help. Click on the format you want to use for your drive. If you're running macOS High Sierra on a Mac with an SSD, your choices will be some form of APFS. If the removing process always stops unexpectedly, or you even can't start the app removal but receive an error notification instead, it is recommended to alter the way you tend to remove the application. This problem usually when you want to uninstall Decipher Backup Repair via moving it to the Trash. In this situation, you should change the way and try another way like taking a professional uninstaller to help you remove the program, optional, you can ask your friend who know the Mac well for help. Decipher Backup Repair (free version) download for Mac OS X Instructions There are a range of problems that can occur when upgrading your operating system. This applies to both computers and mobile devices, which is why it’s imperative you back up your data before clicking the Install button. The Decipher Activity Transfer tool was programmed as a response to concern from iPhone and Apple Watch users who prefer to start with a fresh iPhone, but still wanted to carry their and data. Kelly Wilkerson, @kheffner, contacted me via Twitter and mentioned she could assist and allow iDownloadBlog to exclusively announce the new tool. With a Master in CS from Harvard and teaching experience at Harvard and Arizona State University, she has a background and credentials capable of producing this useful tool. (Clearly, I stand to benefit from the links I am posting in this answer, as the author of the software. However, I wanted to give both sides of the issue, corrupted backups during the backup process, and corrupted backups during the restore process. Anyone is also welcome to follow the links above and navigate to our support page to send us an email if you have questions about your corrupted backup. Feel free to mention my name directly: Kelly.)

| 49082 kb | Download version 12.0.3 Decipher Backup Repair CXc 12.0.10 Recomended 10.13.5

| 57618 kb | Latest DK9M VERSION 12.0.3 DECIPHER BACKUP REPAIR 12.2.8 Recomended Sierra

| 63486 kb | Latest W5cX Decipher Backup Repair 12.5.6 14.2.6 New! version

| 50149 kb | Download CdqJL Decipher Backup Repair vers 12.2.7 12.2.0 Featured! version

| 48548 kb | App v.11.3.0 Decipher Backup Repair nfV 12.2.8 Language English

Languages French Chinese ddI6K_ver._1.3.1_Button_Shortcuts.pkg (8182 kbytes) 2.6

Recomended MacOS Gs7.SecuritySpy.4.2.10.app (12393 kbytes) 4.4.9

Updated! version 3.10.9-Logtalk-OydpR.tar.gz (21618 kbytes) 3.25.4

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